OUr team

Ash Lazer (aka R.A. Johnson) is a working screenwriter, indie film director and producer. Lazer's dark comedy script Broken Halo was purchased by Tribeca Enterprises. Lazer is supervising producer and assistant director for the upcoming Braintree Brains, a micro-webseries for the vertical smart phone platform VRT. Lazer is currently premiering his a proof of concept ZARA: The Last Start Goddess, a female-led, fantasy/action prequel film in the vein of Harry Potter meets Guardian’s of the Galaxy. Lazer’s THANK YOU FOR SYNCING, a female-led, tech-fi dystopian thriller in the vein of Black Mirror meets Blade Runner is coming September 2019. Lazer also has several highly marketable feature spec scripts in his arsenal. Lazer once hit two home runs in a a single game, is a Seinfeld buff, loves The Office and can mix a mean cocktail.

Eric Hahn is a graduate of SUNY Purchase with a B.A. in Cinema Studies, got is M.A. from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and is currently pursing is Ph. D. from UC Irvine. From editing to color correction, Hahn has played a major role in such projects as Saturday Night Live and ESPN’s 30 for 30. Hahn presently freelances as a colorist and editor for Wheelhouse Creative in NYC. Hahn has 19 tattoos, a collection of 998 DVDs, and can juggle fire.

Keith Varni is a motion graphics artist for NBC Sports, a time lapse specialist and an ace drone pilot. Varni has always wanted to be an artist  — or astronaut.

Lisa Tedesco is a versatile indie film producer, writer and editorial assistant for Curve magazine with a focus and passionate advocacy for LGBT film. Tedesco is 'getting hitched to a gorgeous woman this year who puts up with my awful schedule!'

Carlos Barrios is a production digital editor for HBO and spent several years editing in ESPN's Digital Newsroom. Barrios recently had his documentary You Can't Train Heart featured on ESPN's website. Barrios escapes the real world by rocking out as a guitarist in the metal band Jimmy Junkbird and the Stiffs.

Jeremiah Trubey is a multi-talented artist focusing on music composition for film and building DIY props with partner Mary Melendez, forming the team MEDX FX. Trubey is presently in the studio producing and recording a solo album under the name TEEN//\\WITCH. Trubey is also armed with the skills to master the unknown.